~ Dream Chimney ~

The name itself was accidentally created in 1997 and used as the name for a sort of electronic, soundscape, experimental music project.

A few years after it took the form of a website and became a place for a very small group of friends to post their favorite music, funny photos/links and/or interpret other peoples dreams. Soon like-minded fans found the site and joined the fun, primarily for the music.

The core section of the website called 'track of the day' is dedicated to the each members favorite song of the moment. Each member is referred to as a Chimney and over the course of 10 years the site has posted over 28,000 tracks.

The full list of contributors to the site is large but the most active are a focused few dedicated to sharing their music interests. Everyday will guarantee something new added, whether its a download, video or simply a new artist name for the future.

Needless to say the recommendations and praises should be taken in high regard. Some posts are from casual music lovers and others from authors of well respected music blogs like bumrocks, lovefingers and the growingbin to name a few.

Many of the website members are known for their music productions as well. Some, under their Chimney name, publicly share their latest creations; from original productions to remixes to edits. Each producer has their unique style yet still sharing a similar "dream chimney" vibe. Members include Sorcerer, Hatchback, Rollmottle, the Court & Spark / Hiss Golden Messenger, Broker/Dealer, JAZ, Tridact, Tony Watson, Windsurf.

If there is something new in the works from these artist you will find it on dreamchimney first.

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