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Founder of Anvil Recording Co. in 1999, DJ and Producer behind acts such as KITTY BRONX , LEON LACE, and soon to be launched PAYFONE.

As label boss of Anvil – launched the careers of TURIN BRAKES, FIONN REGAN,LITTLE RED and PRINCE FATTY.

LODOWN MAGAZINE BERLIN review ' Live From Henriques St.' by LEON LACE:
"If trashing disco stereotypes is the aim, then Brighton's Leon Lace have certainly scored a winner. Breathing new life into that intersection where disco, jazz and rock collide sure isn’t easy, but the duo has succeeded by going back, way back, to basics with their trusted Neumann mics and 16 track Studer tape. But make no mistake, their debut EP Live From Henrique St isn’t just another puzzle piece of retro-chic, but five slices of instantly memorable and slightly drugged-out quality slo-mo dance floor gems that will prick up your ears with their analogue charm."


Milo Smee co-founder of Chrome Hoof, has also been producing and remixing under the guises of Kruton, and Binary Chaffinch since 1995.
Along with collaborative projects - 5 Mic Cluster, Invincible Scum and Booze, he has released on several respected independant record labels; including Pure Plastic, UXB, DC recordings, Im a Cliche, Dissident, Output, Rise Above etc.

The wide range of musical interests are often reflected in his djing style, which began in 1990, but farourite genre's Acid, Detroit, Electro, Early Rave and New Beat, usually take the front seat when in the clubs.

In January this year, his latest Binary Chaffinch EP, 'Heavenz Gate' came out on Im a Cliche, and is planning to record with Zirkon- a new
Berlin-based band in May.

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