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Shannon Harris is a self-taught music producer/composer/artist and multi-instrumentalist. The development of his anomalous expressions in music is the fruition of a lifetime of musical influences. Growing up in an artistic family, Harris was exposed to an abundance of music, media, culture and various forms of art that definitely influenced his musical development and knowledge. His first foray into DJ'ing came when he started to play records as a hobby at family reunions and local community parties, all of which led to him hosting a radio show (WIUS 88.3 FM) for 4 years where he continued to rise as a talented and unique radio personality of that time. Shannon's ubiquitous radio programming and on-air personality opened up many opportunities for him to travel worldwide and have DJ residencies in various nightclubs and other global events; during which he worked alongside with jazz, afro-beat and soul music artist ranging from Peven Everett to Mr. Something Something, DJ affiliates such as DJ Quantic (UK), Nikodemus (USA), Frankie Valentine (UK), Ron Trent, David Mancuso (USA), Ian Friday, Anthony Nicholson and Japanese DJs Moodman, Universal Indian and Kenichi Hayakawa to name a few. His productions are also featured on the Latenite Productions imprint, Will B Presents Buki Cole & Free Radikal: Between the Thin Line, where he remixed "Rotation" (2006), UK's legendary artist Chanan Haspal's "Footprints in the sand" (2010, Here and Now Recordings imprint), and Kenyan artist Africa Japiny, where he produced a song entitled "Afrika" (2010 on Japiny Records). Recently, Shannon has collaborated with Chicago's very own young and upcoming vocalist, Koku Gonza, where he produced and arranged "One" (2010) featured on her debut album Radiozophrenic.

Starting his very own record label, Urbanicity Recordings in 1999, it was then that Shannon consorted with a college friend now Jazz legend, Frank Parker and produced/composed several rare and sold out hits like Desperado El Montuno, Black Asiatic Women, May God B with U Always and Kato Kunspearasee (to name a few). Shannon's very first release, Desperado El Montuno (2001), instantaneously became a 'David Mancuso Loft' Classic which also gained global support from the likes of DJ Alex Japan (who licensed it for a Japan mix CD), Joe Claussell, Antonio Ocasio, Frankie Valentine, Ian Friday, Kim Lightfoot and many other heavy hitters. Within a year after its release it was featured in the Japanese book, "House Legends"; landing an exciting opportunity to play a live, 7hr DJ set at the Japan "Magic House" events that took place in the mountains at the Narita Dream Farm (Chiba) and Yokohama.

Over recent years, Shannon has developed an affinity with composing movie scores and in 2008, was commissioned to put together and perform 23 silent short film scores for the Chicago Cinema Forum series Magic in Cinema. For this live performance, he wrote original musical material for films by legendary film producers Georges Melies, Edwin S. Porter, and R W Paul. This prospect summoned Shannon to establish his, very own film score company, Audio Skore. In addition to this year, he also solely produced, directed and released the first of his many documentaries entitled "Urbanicity, the Movement" featuring original music, voice-overs and visuals. His obstinate nature in spreading various genres to satisfy his quest for harmonizing people only added to his appeal and multifaceted extravaganzas displayed in his fusions of jazz, house, Afro-Latin, classical, ethnic and sacred music gaining him a unique taste marker audience worldwide. His 2nd album release Audio Urbanology: The Art of Audio Truism, arises as further proof of his consummate musical artistry and amplifying dexterities as a composer with a sure hand. To further attest his diversity, Shannon was approached by Kreatia Designs in Chicago IL, to compose 3 separate scores for a fashion-art fusion series entitled, "Celebration of life" triptych: part I: "Rising", part II: "Fallen" and part III: "Burning" to be featured in the Fall of 2010. He is definitely growing rapidly in the film/fashion/dance production scene as he recently was also appointed to compose/produce music for an art opening celebrating the "artists' month" event held annually at the Zhou B Art Center in Chicago.

If you're looking for a bastion of musical diversity, then you have to look out for his many exciting and detail oriented works as well as his upcoming albums on Urbanicity Records

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