~ Basso ~

Basso has a very bad memory. He even forgot his best friend's birthday once. There's only two things he remembers easily. Records and food.

He started listening to music very early in his life and collecting followed sometime soon at the age of 7. his cousin and a guy next door played him Kiss and he was fascinated by the masquerade and the beautiful voice of Paul Stanley (haha that's a lie, only Gene and Ace were cool). He had to own these records. For heaven's sake his family was living close to the University and so there were second hand recordshops around. One was right around the corner. Records and Comics.....
The comics were more expensive as the owner was a mad comic freak, so Basso happily went for the records. In the early years the collection grew unbelievably slow, as there weren't that many Kiss LPs and the ones coming out in the 80 were not that interesting any more. Kids back then had to wear tights in winter and sometimes felt ashamed because of them, so why would you buy a record with guys in tights on the cover???
A few moments later breakdance came up and the Beastie Boys hit the charts.
Soon a whole bunch of LPs and hometaped albums from friends made him totally forget about rock'n roll. Rap was the thing!
Years later Basso found out it was the sampled tunes that made rap records so interesting so the odour of the collection began to change slightly.... you can imagine the rest of the story....

"the joy of cooking" is all about throwing some tasty ingredients together (Vinyl only unless otherwise mentioned in the playlist).
Sometimes the comparison of mixing and cooking flaws.... Cheers!

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