~ Kasia ~

Born and raised in Poland, Kasia discovered electronic music in her early teenage years. After moving to London in 2000 she quickly became enamored with the club scene; inspired by the music she was hearing, she started collecting and playing her first vinyl records.

Her first professional step into the electronic music world was in London in 2006. After her first DJ gig she started working her way through the underground party circuit in East London playing gigs, at small intimate venues and plenty of underground warehouse parties.

Her DJ sets reflect her eclectic taste, delving into a world of weird and challenging music. Her sound could be heard as somewhere between house and techno, with a healthy dose of groove and funk thrown into the mix. Often using Traktor, Kasia pushes the art of DJing to its limits, using four decks to create a new and unique experience from the music she plays each time she DJs.

She is also the founder of the renowned Way Out parties, focusing on bringing great music to a great crowd.

Kasia has completed an EMP Diploma at the esteemed ‘SAE INSTITUTE’ and is currently spending her time in the studio developing her sound and techniques, hoping to release her music very soon.

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