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The Birth

AD was fortunate enough to be born into a musically orientated family. His Aunt was an Opera singer and his Dad a singer/gutarist in a band as well as a DJ. This meant that AD was exposed to all genres of music from an early age. When AD's Dad used to have the DJ equipment set up in their family home AD would pull a beer crate up so he could reach the decks and spend time spinning tunes and dancing in the living room. This early exposure to music and the lifestyle associated with the industry formed the inception of something that would become a life long passion.

The Formation

Once at School AD was influenced by the Mod revival and the sounds Funk, Soul and Ska music. However, as is often found when young divisions in music and groups meant alignment to a particular type or genre which Ad found hard to comprehend as Rock influences has been apparent throughout his early years and those of his parents. This inception of fusion rather than being a weakness has later on in life become that of a strength.
During the 80's AD started to hear the sounds of the New Romantic's via his sister and this led to making mix tapes recorded from the radio which he would play and share with friends. This later grew into a love for the rising sound of Hip Hop and Break dancing and its subsequent mix of old funk records first heard through exposure via the Mod revival. AD's first job after leaving school was working in a Nightclub based near a US Airforce base in his home in Cambridge, although only working as a glass collector further exposure to the scene and the role of a DJ helped to further develop a passion.

The Inception

Following his move to Cambridge AD met like minded people with a heavy interest in Music. Thomas, Harvey, Choci, Tim Love Lee and Joe 2000 helped to further blend and sustain AD's interest in the Hip Hop and then emerging House Music scene. This led to his first gig in 1989 playing records at a party in Cambridge. AD then became involved with the Tonka Sound System, helping to lift speakers and set up venues so he could experience the early House music that was being played at the time. Gigs followed during the 90's and following th disbandment of Tonka AD, now living in Brighton helped to set up and run Baby Boom Sound System putting on parties in the local area.

The Sparse Years

During the late 90's AD took a rest from playing out and focused on attaining a career. This time was not wasted however, and he continued to buy and collect records but, explored other sounds and genres. AD would occassional play out for friends at Birthdays and support their bands thus sustaing a passion for music.

The Remergence

Following a break AD came back on the scene when his long time friend Felix Dickinson invited him to a party. The scene had changed but retained some of the early energy found in the parties of the 90's, this was especially evident in the Gay Scene and particularly to the talented guys at Horsemeat Disco. This excited AD and influenced him to start up DJing again. Oppotunities from The Bad Passion Project and LoveBox Allstars has meant that AD has been able to return to playing out again and draw from a depth of experience and love for music. AD knows he has a career and is happy to follow that path, so when he plays out it is purely for his passion and love of music. He has had recent gigs in East Village and at LoveBox as well as with Bad Passion.

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