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About a decade ago, in the seaport city of Haifa, Juju & Jordash met. They had very different lives going on at the time, but found one another through their weekly be-bop jams. Throughout the 1990s, Juju & Jordash each played in and composed for various post-rock, jazz, ethnic and experimental combos by day. Meanwhile by cover of night, they were both experimenting with electronic dance music—something they would soon come to do together.

In 2003, Juju & Jordash officially joined forces. Together, two years later, they released The Hush EP on Reggie Dokes’ legendary ‘Psychostasia’ label. In 2005, came their track The Ballad of Johnny Velocity with Walter M. Jones (DFA) on the Cisco House Presents Compact Vinyl EP1 (Cisco, Japan). Next up was their 2007 'Blue Plates' EP release on London based label Real Soon, which received rave reviews by, amongst others, Philip Sherburne in the highly regarded WIRE magazine; who wrote another review just as great, again in the WIRE, regarding their follow-up Release, the 'Time Slip' EP. 2008 has so far seen Juju & Jordash’s first digital LP for the highly acclaimed label Rope A Dope, Keith Worthy’s Detroit based up and coming label Aesthetic Audio and various remixes for Norwegian artist Sienna and for the Spanish deep house label Deep Explorer. 2009 started with a 12" on germany's juju-music imprint, a white 12" for Dekamntel, and in
September their first vinyl LP (2 12") on newly formed Amsterdam based label, Dekmantel. As solo artists, they have also released on Terrence Parker’s Real Right Recordings (Detroit), Attic (UK) and Fact Records (Jerusalem).

It is hard to describe Juju & Jordash’s music. It is a unique fusion of electronic and acoustic, Detroit flavored techno, post rock and free jazz—music from the future gazing deeply into the past. Musical influences range from Ryuichi Sakomoto to Thelonius Monk, from Kraftwerk to Mr. Fingers, and from Cabaret Voltaire to Ornette Coleman.

With many expected releases in the works, Juju & Jordash continue to make more music—still the daily joy of Juju who hasn’t put down his guitar since age ten, and Jordash who’s been at the piano since his fifth birthday. They are currently based in Amsterdam, where they work in close association with Fortress Music Studios. For more information and to hear Juju & Jordash’s music, please visit www.myspace.com/jujujordash or www.jujujordash.com.

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