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Self confessed ex- raver and soundtrack nut, Lovely Jon began his love affair with clubland in the late 80’s where he was taken on extended mindbender weekenders with DJ Sherman (who was then working editor for the first ever weekly music press dance column in the NME). An old school punk at heart (in his teens checking out such legendary luminaries as Killing Joke, The Damned and The Ramones) the raw pre-branding beat of club land resonated deeply and it wasn’t long until Jon became involved in the ground breaking eclectic collective Subliminal Revolutions who hosted legendary parties across East London with such esteemed guests as Depthcharge’s J. Saul Kane and old school music scribe Kris Needs.

It was at the revered Clays Lane raves that Jon met DJ Alex and formed the break beat centric Bass Bin Brothers duo and began to experiment with blending sick soundtracks alongside psychotic exploitation movie footage (which would go on to become the mighty Jigoku). After freaking out the ravers in sleazy E-raddled backrooms, strip joints and squats, Jon found his perennial blood brother in Gareth Goddard (aka Cherrystones, Godsy) and from the mid 90’s took Jigoku to elated heights with ‘respectable’ high profile shows at the ICA alongside Italian soundtrack genius and Morricone collaborator Alessandro Alessandroni (fondly remembered as ‘The Whistle’ on classic Spaghetti Westerns ‘A Fistful of Dollars and ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’).

Operating within the exciting underground club scene that emerged through the burgeoning Hoxton/Shoreditch axis via subversive art house collective OMSK and Burlesque from hell troupe the Dragon Ladies – Jon forged on with jaw dropping audio visual shows which often resulted in walk outs and fainting from those lucky punters unfortunate enough to be of a sensitive disposition (a gig in the religiously uptight Greek city of Thesoloniki being a highlight).

Jon continues as he goes on with a clutch of projects – The Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Super Sounds soundtrack compilation curated alongside Joel ‘Quiet Village’ Martin, self released guerrilla-style mix CD’s, a Jigoku audio visual DVD and gigs at Cherrystones’ London Dirty Feet sessions and Sean Vinylment’s Pooka nights in Manchester.

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