~ Gerry Rooney ~

Gerry Rooney's roots start in the late 80s, inspired by the acid house cultural revolution, warehouse raves & parties in the UK. He was then drawn to NYC and its music & nightlife scene. He caught the bug and started going on record missions in search of the black gold. No internet back then for information or records. He then began traveling further and further abroad across the USA & Europe in search of audio treasure. Many people don't know that besides DJing, Gerry is also one of the world's best records dealers amongst certain serious buyers. He began record dealing in '89 and from this pursuit he has built a weird & wonderful collection of amazing music from all genres of music and from all different continents of the planet.

He later met Harvey in London in 1988 while attending the Moist night (Harvey & Heidi's now infamous event.) "Fun to DJ at & cool to hang out," sez Gerry. Larry Levan was among other greats to have been guest DJs there at Moist. Developing a friendship with Harvey, the two started Black Cock records in 1992, "as an amusing twist alternative to what was happening at the time." Today the label has become much sought after and the records are all still getting played in Discoland around the world.

Gerry has been a DJ at gigs across the vast spectrum of music over the years: nightclubs, warehouse parties, funky corporate events, festivals, fashion gigs for Stussy, Armani, Nicole Farhi etc, Jamiroquai parties + related events. He has also DJ'ed in VIP rooms, Eric Clapton's 60th Birthday, sleazy dodgy bars & strange exotic dives. Gerry has remained not so much as a general "big room" working DJ, but more of a specialty guy that is hired because of his reputation for eclecticism. Therefore, Gerry tends to DJ at special selective parties & events with either amazing sound systems or for people trying to do the right thing. The list includes 39 Hotel Hawaii, Love in NY, Yellow in tokyo, A Hundred Bird productions in Japan, Sweden, APT NYC, Voices Collective in London, Red Rum in Helsinki, and Plastic people London ("with the super high end turntables that make you tingle!").

(Thanks to the Sarcastic Disco crew for the info)

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