~ Felix Dickinson ~

Felix has been D.J.ing and producing music for over 17 years, yet because of his many monikers people often believe they’re ‘not totally familiar’ with his sound. Yet upon closer inspection, most discerning DJ’s, realize they have at least one of his tracks in their box.

At 20, Felix organized a four-day free festival in Sussex. Collaborating with the D.I.Y. sound system from Nottingham, and calling on D.J’s from the Tonka crew. The Police roadblocks and helicopters couldn’t stop the party, as it was pre-Criminal Justice Act, and 4,000 people danced all weekend.

In 1992 Felix moved to Brighton where he got together with a number of close friends to form the monthly Slack nights, which although being held on Monday nights would regularly attract party goers from up and down the country, and would always be followed by an after party down on the beach or some local warehouse.

When Slack finally split it allowed Felix to change direction, and to set up the Ugly Music record label with friend and local record shop owner Tony Lee. The label released music from K-Alexi, Underground Evolution, D.J. Harvey and Jaime Read, among others. It was at this time that Felix began his D.J. residency at the Joint nightclub with Jaime Read (L.H.A.S) and Bobby Coulman (Soft Rocks) where he played every month from ’95 to 2000.

Since his move to London from the South Coast in 2000, Felix has been producing records under a string of aliases including LHAS Inc., Foolish and Sly, Das Etwas, The Mythical Beasts and Dedication.

Most recently he’s been remixing for Jazzy Sport, Far Out and D.J. History; and his new project Fisting Club with Gerry Rooney (Black Cock) will be due for release in 2009.

His D.J.ing has taken him as far as America, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Austria, France, Finland and Hawaii as well as playing at Glastonbury with the New York Downlow.


“House Nation” – Da Posse, Foolish, Friendly and Forgetfull remix (Ugly Music)
“Ordinary Folk” - Phoolish and Forgetfull remix (Fragmented)
“Guitar Soaping” - Foolish Felix dirty remix (Session)
“Dyno” - FF and MM remix (Session)
“Azid Jazz” - Felix Edit (Cynic)
“Take Me Higher” – CroMagnon, Flx Mix (Jazzy Sports)
“Connexao” – Sabrina Malheiros, Flx Mix (Far Out)
“Two Bullets” – Michoacan – D.J. Harvey Mix (Greyhound Recordings)
“Life And Fun” – Flx Mix (D.J. History)


“The Drive/Live (without the Love)” (Recycled)
“Space Groove/Happy Mishap” (Fools Gold)
“Footy/Ambasador Snack” (Fools Gold)
“Bomb the Border/South American” (Fools Gold)
“Reach Out” (Big Bear)
“Bostik/Ring of Gold” (Bastedos)
“America/Hills of Katmandu” (Bastedos)
“Megatron Woman/Super Queen” (Bastedos)
“May I?/Need Your Love” (Bastedos)
“Greg Loves You/Forward Pussy Cat” (Bastedos)
“It's In The Music/Make My Reality A Dream” (Urban Myth)
“So Deep” (Urban Myth)


“The Valley Intruder E.P.” - Tackleheed (Discfunction)
“The Scut” - Foolish Fellas (Bear Entertainment)
“Rainfalls” - Foolish and Sly (Bear Funk)
“Come A Little Closer” - Foolish and Sly (Cynic)
“Let It Rain” - Foolish and Sly (Sounds Like Soul)
“Travelling Man” - Foolish and Sly (Eskimo)
“Peoples People” - Foolish and Shacra (Session)
“Reasons/Ports” - L.H.A.S. Inc. (Wax)
“A Feeling” - L.H.A.S. Inc. (Eskimo)
“Real” - L.H.A.S. Inc. (Cynic)
“Deutcherwerkbund” - Das Etwas (Cynic)
“Touch on Your Leather” - Snakeskin (Atlantic Jaxx)
“Who Said Boogie” - Ray Mang and Foolish Felix (Eskimo)
“Disco Dementia” - Ray Mang and Foolish Felix (Smash Hit Music)
"Man Machine" - Foolish & Sly (Avex)
"Dirty Mind” - Foolish & Sly (Avex)
"It's A Dedication" - Dedication (Avex)
“I Saw the Light” -Foolish and Sly (Cynic)
"Gathering Momentum" - Foolish Felix (Avex)
"Where Did It All Go Wrong" – L.H.A.S. Inc. (Avex)
"Go Ahead" - Das Etwas (Cynic)
"You Can't See Me" - Foolish & Sly (Avex)
“All Is Fair”- Foolish And Sly (Cynic)
“New Galaxy” -The Fanglers (Cynic)
“Deutcherwerkbund Part Two”- Das Etwas (Cynic)
“You Can Come And Get It”- Foolish And Sly (Cynic)
“One, Two, Three”- L.H.A.S. Inc. (Cynic)
“Another Friend” -Foolish And Sly (Cynic)
“Wiesenhofsiedlung” -Das Etwas (Cynic)
“The First Day”- L.H.A.S. Inc. (Cynic)
“Change” – Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“International News” – Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Memories Of Kyoto” - Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Nutz” – Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Sundance Kid” – Dedication (Cynic)
“Westbound 23” – Dedication (Cynic)
“Blaze Of Glory” – Dedication (Cynic)
“Escape From Scapegoat” – Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Chicago Halal” - Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Lick The Nose” - Das Etwas (Mule Musiq)
“Magical Creature” – The Mythical Beasts (Hector Works)
“Smokeless Machine” – Felix Dickinson (Cynic)

Appears On

Nu- Balearica – Fred Deakin “Magical Creature” – The Mythical Beasts (Ministry of Sound)
Eslimo Volume V – Mixed by the Glimmers – “Go Ahead” - Das Etwas (Eskimo Recordings)
Fabric 30 - Rub N Tug “Come A Little Closer” - Foolish and Sly (Fabric)
Go Commando “Who Said Dub” – Ray Mang And Foolish Felix (Defend Music Inc.)
Nite:Life 015 - Chicken Lips/Body Music “Rainfalls” –Foolish and Sly (NRK Sound Division)
Electric Soul 2 (2xLP) “Rainfalls” –Foolish and Sly (Electric Chair)
FAMILIESdownload # 3 - Dan Ghenacia “Come A Little Closer”- Foolish And Sly (FAMILIES)
DJ's From Ackky - Live Mix Vol. 01 (CD) “Where Did It Go” – L.H.A.S. Inc. (Riverside Bum!)
Solid Session Vol.2 : Mixed by The Idjut Boys (CD) A Git-ar Soaping- Foolish Felix Dirty remix (Session Recordings)

Mix C.D.s Include

Foolish Felix D.J. Mix Lifeforce-‘Do You Think You Know Enough About U.K. Underground Without Knowing Foolish Felix?’ (Avex C.D.)

Cynicism (Cynic C.D.)

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