~ OYE Djs ~

OYE djs are a team of three music lovers : julien aka Oyeman, Mike and julien aka jul, they bumped into each other at Cheers (run by Greg Gauthier & Sven Love in Paris) a few years back and have been djing together ever since.

Oyeman was initially a jazz-head and used to play sax in a jazz band. He discovered electronic music like Jungle and D'n'B through his brother. A regular at Cheers he discovered the real US garage and deep house sound: kerri chandler, jovonn, MAW etc... Today, he plays across genres including broken beat and hip hop in his sets, he has been producing Deep House and broken beat for the past two years.

Michael used to be heavily into rock, again a night at Cheers changed it all, his musical taste ranges from afro house (Joe Claussell, Jephte Guillaume, Osunlade ) to Underground Resistance, Chicago house as well as Disco and Funk.

Julien aka Jul is more of a selector and a real crate digger, spending a lot of time in record shops. He has a large collection of records ranging from Soul to Disco, House, Jazz, Hip Hop and Funk, he's more of a warm up guy.

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