~ Jim Burke ~

Jim Burke has played across the world over the last fifteen years, in many different guises and with many different bands. Some of his notable achievements have been: Djing at John Peel’s 60th and 65th birthday parties at Peel Acres; Playing ukulele at Norman Cook’s Party at his seafront house in Brighton; recording one of the most popular football songs of the last 20 years; touring the UK with his Sgt. Rock show including a Mexican wrestler, a disco diva and a man with a giant yellow smiley for a head; ruining the Inspiral Carpets’ 94 Glastonbury show by rapping a version of Black Sabbath’s ‘Paranoid’; showing Japanese clubbers what old skool hip-hop sounds like on a ukulele; refusing to go on Top of the Pops when asked (because that’s what the Clash did); singing on the roof of the LWT building on the south bank and beating the Sugarhill Gang’s Skip McDonald at pool. This diversity of experience is reflected in his musical selection . So check out his fortnightly show on Sundays from 8pm-10pm GMT and watch out for special guest appearances by Mr B Gentleman Rhymer!

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