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Throughout her career Colleen “Cosmo” Murphy has demonstrated a deep understanding of music and has been profiled as an artist of integrity with major kudos from the best DJs and producers on the planet.

“Cosmo’s popularity has grown through word-of-mouth recommendation rather than press hype, with props coming from the highest-ranking DJ’s themselves.”
Dave Swindells, Time Out London

She is an iconoclast and a renegade.

“Colleen Murphy aka Cosmo has never been one to play safe. Her appearances across North America, Asia and Europe have crystallised her reputation as being a DJ who is as comfortable with the cutting-edge as she is with the rich musical heritage of her East Coast upbringing. Her instinctive leaning towards eclecticism rather than short-sightedness is again borne out by her Bitches Brew record label - itself named after the ‘difficult’ Miles Davis album that crossed the boundaries of rock and jazz.”
Rob Wood, Jockey Slut

Cosmo’s heritage sets her apart from the rest.

“Her tutelage by David Mancuso within The Loft is unique within today’s generation of DJs and her New York City radio shows of house, disco and psychedelic rock tuned in and turned on a generation of new listeners from the late 80’s onwards.”
Kazim Rashid, Electronic Beats

Her Cosmodelica radio shows exhibit her strong passion for and lengthy history in broadcasting.

“Cosmodelica is a breath of fresh air in the world of radio. It's so refreshing to listen to someone play not only the best underground music out there but in a way that flows beautifully from start to finish and also talk about the music with such knowledge and passion. Deep stuff!”
Jim Lister, Folded Wing Radio Producer

Cosmo’s new DarkStarr collaboration with Ashley Beedle is the real deal.

“By our estimations, the UK’s Cosmo and Ashley Beedle have approximately five decades of dance-music experience between them. Cosmo is the former New Yorker who’s now a mover and shaker on the London scene through her work as a DJ, radio host and owner of the Bitches Brew label; Beedle is one of the men behind such classic clubland combos as Black Science Orchestra, Ballistic Brothers and little trio called X-Press 2. Long story short: They know their shit.”
Bruce Tantum, Time Out New York

Her Wild Rumpus project with former Captain Beefheart axe-man Gary Lucas is forging new frontier in the cosmic-balearic-psychedelic scene.

“Without doubt one of the freshest acts to appear on our radar for some time… Wild Rumpus manage to pull off that precarious marriage between far-out psyche sounds and the dancefloor; that obfuscated interzone where disco, rock and electronics collide.”
Clash Magazine

Cosmo’s Bitches Brew record label reflects her musical eclecticism.

“Every Bitches Brew release that drops through the door has me boggling round the room within seconds - always quality and a truly international sound that mashes up so many styles but always comes out clean. Good vibrations!”
Rob Da Bank, Radio Host, BBC Radio One

A self-confessed audiophile, she is one the few elite to play on the superb sound systems of Plastic People, Deep Space, Body & Soul, Melting Pot and along with David Mancuso, the only to play on the three Class A sound systems of Sapporo’s Fillmore North, London’s Lucky Cloud Sound System and New York’s The Loft.

“She’s very devoted and very pure about the music. She’s one of the only people I would trust, both with the music and with the equipment, to fill in for me.”
David Mancuso, The Loft

Recent Record Reviews:

“DarkStarr’s Psychedelic Disco-Tech: They Live Through the Night” compilation on Music Response

This is a highly joyful ride into the dark night, on the back of both Beedle and Cosmo, guiding you masterfully through a dense web of overlooked classics or stuff you’ve never heard of in your life! In a market where Nu-Disco (for want of a better term!) at times are bordering dangerously close on the days of Handbag, and running the risk of slowly becoming elevator-music – “Psychedelic Disco-Tech – They Live by the Night” – is indeed a breath of much needed fresh air!
Simon, Spacerock

Mavis Ft Candi Staton – “Revolution” DarkStarr Mixes on Bitches Brew

Ashley Beedle hooks up with Cosmo as DarkStarr to drop some authentic, heavy-disco magic all over this simply gorgeous Candi Staton serenade. Nostalgic electric piano hooks and tasteful disco effects compliment Staton’s vocal perfectly giving it that rare and comforting end-of-the-night quality that you’ve heard before in such classics as Ashford & Simpson’s “Stay Free”. Watch out for limited vinyl copies and endless plays at 9am for the dancers at The Shelter NYC.
DJ Magazine

Phenomenal Handclap Band – “Testimony” Cosmodelica Mixes on Bitches Brew

For this remix, the PHB asked Cosmo to do a dub version of their meandering psych-soul track “Testimony”, and she took inspiration from one of her favourite dub albums of all time, Black Uhuru’s “Dub Factor”. The result is a blend of live instrumentation, psych rock guitars, nyabinghi rasta drumming, dubbed-out passages and a super-schmokers reggae-funk riddim dropping in and out of the mix. With 'future Balearic classic' written all over it, and only 300 copies to go round the whole world, you'll need to get your skates on if you want a copy. DJ Support comes from Eric Duncan (Still Going / Rub N Tug), Tom Findlay (Groove Armada), Brennan Green, Soft Rocks, Phil Mison, Mudd, Alex from Tokyo and more.
Piccadilly Records

Wild Rumpus Ft Beardyman “Rock The Joint'” on Bitches Brew

The third single from this remarkable venture continues the stunningly unique approach taken by DJ Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy and former Captain Beefheart guitarist Gary Lucas on their previous two outings - 'Musical Blazeup' and the jawdropping 'Purple Somersault'. Here they're joined by none other than Beardyman, who piles into their swirling maelstrom of psychedelic blues and acid grooves to add severely to the whoopee quotient. The original heats up as it progresses, invoking anything from Alabama 3 to Seasick Steve shot with Berlin techno sensibilities but Gary's stellar guitar-work leaping from peak to peak. Ultimately it's a joyful but truly different celebration which will have mass smiles breaking out.
Kris Needs, Update



“DarkStarr’s Psychedelic Disco-Tech: They Live by the Night” (Music Response)
“The Disco-Tech of DJ Cosmo” (Yellow)
“David Mancuso Presents The Loft Volumes One” (Nuphonic)
“David Mancuso Presents The Loft Volumes Two” (Nuphonic)
“New York Afterhours: A Later Shade of Deep” (Nervous)


Wild Rumpus – “Kazan” (Mule Musiq)
Wild Rumpus feat. Beardyman – “Rock The Joint” (Bitches Brew)
Wild Rumpus – “Purple Somersault” (Bitches Brew)
Wild Rumpus – “Musical Blaze-Up” (Bitches Brew)
Bambú – “Elevate Your Mind” (Bitches Brew)
Tidal - “Upstream” (Disorient)
Cosmo presents Ch’i - “Mistaken” (Bitches Brew)
Bambú - “The Real Thing” (Bitches Brew)
Jinadu - “Natural Thing” (Bitches Brew)
Tidal - “R U Comin’” (Disorient)
Light Fantastic - “Lost in C Minor” (Playhouse)
Cosmo presents Ch’i - “Loneliness” (Suburban)


Off Key Hat – “Emergency Calling” Cosmodelica Mixes (Ism)
Detachments – “Holiday Romance” Cosmodelica Mixes (ThisIsNotAnExit)
Phenomenal Handclap Band – “Testimony” Cosmodelica Mixes (Tummy Touch/Bitches Brew)
Salvador Santana – “Don’t Do It” DarkStarr Mixes (Various Business/Bitches Brew)
Mavis ft. Candi Staton – “Revolution” DarkStarr Mixes (K7/Bitches Brew)
Horace Andy & Ashley Beedle – “When The Rain” Cosmodelica Remixes (Strut/Bitches Brew)
Bat for Lashes – “Two Planets” Cosmodelica Mix (Unreleased)
Chaka Khan, Sinead O’Connor, Roisin Murphy, cocknbullkid – “I’m Every Woman” CosmoInYourMind Mixes (Action Aid 6 Degrees)
City Reverb – “When” Cosmo’s Cosmodelica Remix (Dumb Angel)
Spektrum – “Fit Together” Cosmo Extended Remix (Eskimo Recordings/Stop Start Recordings)
Desmond Dekker – “Sweet Music” Cosmo’s Sweet Remix (Trojan)
S.U.M.O. – “Ntujjo” Switch Bitch Remixes (Bitches Brew)

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