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Celebrating the spirit of soulful dance music, Mandel is making his mark with a selection of releases that have already established him as The voice of New York-style Garage music in Paris! (Didier Lestrade - Liberation-4/11/99)

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Mandel Turners musical background can be traced back to the time when he sang in Gospel choirs at church. Growing up in New York allowed him to absorb a wide spectrum of urban music that included soul, R&B, pop / rock, and the powerful influence of disco and club culture. In the early 1980s, with the experience of weekends spent under the musical spell of DJ Larry Levan at New Yorks infamous Paradise Garage club, Mandels desire to pursue a career in music was sparked.

After a number of musical collaborations in New York, that included recording with famed disco producer / songwriter Patrick Adams ( producer of groups - Inner Life, Musique, Phreek ) and performing live at clubs like Tracks NYC, Mandel was anxious to seek new experiences and traveled to Paris in 1987. It wasnt long before he was developing connections, working with producers, writing songs for himself and other recording artists, and singing background vocals on several recordings: Mandel's Discography

Mandel Turner
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