~ Robder (Rob Calcutt): Bunker Sessions ~

Robder (Rob Calcutt): Bunker Sessions

A twice monthly slot including a few of my own mixes and playlists from Bunker Sessions, a regular gathering at chez Robder, aka 'The Penthouse Bunker'.

Bunker Sessions was inspired by post club playlists with Alan Peres, the infamous Trashfab book club, various trips to Classic Album Sundays and my involvement with Lucky Cloud Sound System at Journey to the Light. Our gathering celebrates the gift of appreciating music in groups, providing a sanctuary for open minded listening to co-create playlists and explore new genres/artists. This isn't a social - but more a chance to unearth and share music that has had an impact on our lives.

...the format is as follows:

Bring a piece of music from any genre to share. B-sides and rarities encouraged but not essential. Avoid modern pop unless that's what moves you and no 15 minute epics. The aim is to tap into a group musical flow - take that as you will. You may wish to prepare a few moods but if your definition of 'flow' is to supplement Joni Mitchell with some German gabber then unleash the chaos!

A talking stick (a drumstick caught at a Funkadelic gig no less!) is passed around the circle to give everyone present an opportunity to introduce their selection before giving it an airing. Be inventive! Bring your life stories, artist insights and musical knowledge. Props are encouraged - try blackout eye masks to channel the spirit of Stevie Wonder or printed lyrics to help everyone appreciate the sentiment behind a song.

Respect the space! Bunker Sessions is a compassionate space where deep sharing is encouraged and received without judgement. Emotionally charged and considered intros are as important to this gathering as the music itself. Debate, opinions and follow up discussion are welcome. Open mindedness essential and without musical prejudice; geek tendencies must never overpower or alienate.

Bunker Sessions is a place of focused listening. No conversation or mobile phones (until we've been around the circle then we can crack open a bottle, roll a spliff, relax a bit and continue in the mix). Arrive to listen and be educated. Takeaway food to avoid kitchen faffing - financial contributions welcome and bring a bottle if drinking.

The evening playlist and photos will feature on deepfrequency.com and our blog: bunkersessions.co.uk along with a Soundcloud/Mixcloud/Mixcrate player to recapture the sounds. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO EMAIL WAV/MP3 FILES THE FOLLOWING DAY IF YOU HAVE THEM - robder@mac.com.

Bunker Sessions welcomes new members but numbers are limited. This is a gathering for proud geeks who take their listening seriously. :)

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