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Guillaume grew up in the heart of rural France in the late 70s and spent most of his younger years being bombarded with mainstream Disco. The local (and only) discotheque being a major disappointment musically, he turned to the radio and it's while listening to late-night radio shows with his older brother that he developed a strong taste for dance music. In the late eighties and early nineties, Techno started to get really big in continental Europe and the rave and free parties scene boomed, Guillaume and his brother started to travel miles in their rave-mobile (their father's ancient car) to get their dance floor fix, truly getting into the sound of Underground Resistance, Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mills championed by Djs like Laurent Garnier amongst others. Their strong musical knowledge acquired via the radio and their growing records collection got them to play in small bars and at various little parties in the area, they also began making music using very basic equipment. It's their regular trips to the now defunct BPM record store in Paris and local FM radios like FG and Radio Nova that really got Guillaume into the Deep House sound. Djs like Dj Deep, Eric Rug and Dj Gregory and early productions on Fnac records re-enforced his love for the deep sound. In the mid nineties, he moved to the North of Paris to finish his studies, he then got involved with a collective of people and put on numerous parties and hosted a radio show on Graf'Hit FM three years running. Back then, people were a little slow to embrace dance music and its image being constantly tarnished by the media, promoting dance music became a daily struggle.

He moved to London in the late nineties where the dance music scene appeared much stronger and much more thriving than in France at the time. His dislike of door politics and dress codes took him to the more underground parties in the capital and it's at Paul Trouble Anderson's Loft in Camden that he was re-united with Disco. His quest for quality underground music, eventually lead him to that tiny dark and damp basement in the heart of Soho that the Vinyl Junkies record store once was, there he forged many friendships and sure enough soon began working behind the counter and he played a key part in putting Vinyl Junkies on the cyber-map. It's there that he met Chicago born singer Destry, and together with Destry and his brother Arnaud, Guillaume started working on some music, their collaboration led to the release of two records. The collective eventually went their separate ways to pursue their own musical aspirations, Guillaume is still working on new material which he's hoping to bring out in the near future.

Like many, along the path of Discovery, his musical journey has made him travel back in time, across genres, across oceans, from Detroit Techno, to Deep house, to Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz etc... Naturally, dance music and its roots eventually led him to New York city, and it's there that he experienced the magic and intensity of the dance floors of Vinyl (Shelter / Body & Soul), Together In Spirit, The Melting Pot... It's also there that he first experienced David Mancuso's Loft, which since then has been a major catalyst for every project he's undertaken. In recent years, Francois Kevorkian's Deep Space night at Cielo has also been a great influence for him.

Nowadays, Guillaume is a key member of the Lucky Cloud Sound System (www.loftparty.org) who have been hosting David Mancuso's parties in London for the past 9 years. He's also a key founder of DeepFrequency.com. Lately, Guillaume has also been working on a number of Disco / Soul re-edits which have received very strong support from the likes of Ashley Beedle and Cosmo.

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